Night and Day

Nights that will be missed:

Nights we had drunk talks
about our ideas flying like flocks.
Nights we held hearts and heads.
Nights we didn’t want to go to bed.
Nights we smoked and philosophized
Because we felt so wise.
Nights we danced til our hearts desired.
Those vodka red bulls made us so wired.
Nights we walked home from the bar.
Nights we didn’t want to leave the car.
Cheers to the nights we don’t remember,
and more importantly, the ones we’ll never forget.

Days to look forward to:

Days when everyone knows my name and
Realizes we’re all the same.
Days when I sit in a nice desk chair
Because it’s only fair.
Days when I get to be the boss
And chose not to be cross.
Days when I come home to a family I’ve created
With a love that’s never dated.
Days when I get stressed because I care everyone’s aware of what I’m doing.
Some will hooray while others are booing.
Days that don’t feel like the rest
Because I’m always trying to be my best.

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Some 4am thoughts

If I’m gonna live in a simplistic way, then maybe I should just say:

We all share this space.
We all create this place.

Love every living being
even if their souls
you aren’t seeing.

Because see whatever makes you different actually makes you that much more alike.
A type of species made with flaws so that we might respect each other without the hem and the haws.

Listen to what everyone has to say.
You might not be around for another day.

When silence is loud
My thoughts are too
Penetrating my mind into the great big blue…
Ocean, sky, whatever vast body of knowledge
You can picture without having to go to college.

You are my energy drink
I don’t even have to think.
As with me and every happy moment,
You are the link.

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A Poem About Facebook

On Facebook every day because if I’m not connected
then I’m rejected
straight up infected
with this disease where
I can’t understand everyone’s perspective.

Just be real.
Not fake.
I mean come on, nothings really at stake.
We’re just trying to understand the words
coming out our mouth
sometimes like a spout,
no doubt.

Please don’t pout.

Social media is a gift.
We just need to sift
through those posts
to find what matters most.

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every second every day

Every second of every day,
we crave change.

We reflect and we project
to fix some problem.
From untied shoes to
not enough food,
a fight with a friend
to a war with no end…

When we can’t understand both cause and effect,
frustration takes over and we start to inspect.

Imagine someone from 1914 travels to present day,
where we answer questions in a completely different way.
They see lots of effects without a subsequent cause.
A screen responds to my touch…?
they just stop and pause.

Now take someone from 2014 and put them in 1914.
Where’s my hot shower, fast food, and wifi…?
Frustrated because they know these effects don’t apply.

No matter the time period, problems exist
because we understand cause or effect, not both.
An equation that seems so simple yet
we only arrive at the answer through growth.

Not only are we solving different problems
And answering different questions,
We have a different language:
“Hashtag YOLO”
“Wanna go get some fro yo?”
“Have you listened to P¡nk?”
“Download this link.”

Technology has given us power.
The ability to connect.
Collectively reflect and project,
figure out cause and effect faster than any one person could suspect.
It doesn’t really matter if what you say is correct.
Being part of the conversation is how we intersect.

Whether conscious of it or not,
We are in the midst of the change,
Thirteen billion years after the big bang.

you are the cause.
you are the effect.
come what may
every second of every day.

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Mutual Understanding

Think about the way language started….

people looked at each other,
realized something about the world,
and wanted to articulate how they felt.

Think about the way you just said the word
articulate in your head.
Communication is the basis of our entire existence.
We communicate because
We want to know.
We want to inform.
Our evolutionary extinct is to ask why.

And everyone answers differently.

Through the lens of a camera,
microscope, telescope, or rifle scope.
Fingertips on a microphone,
paintbrush, keyboard, or calculator.
Illuminate and create reality.

Making sense through our individual forte,
the eminent staccato to our theories
is interacting with others
about the purpose of humanity

We are one of the few species
who attach meaning to experience.
But life is just a sequence of events:
something happens
because something else happened…
because something else before that happened…

Humankind is just one string of existence.

Existing to ask why
Existing to ask how
Existing to understand.

However we choose to make sense of the world
is not only the right way…
It is the only way.

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2106 Marshall

I’ll never forget…
the time I’ve spent right here.
at this desk.
in front of this window.
looking out at rush hour on Marshall and thinking
five years from now…
will I be one of those people
sitting in a car by myself
counting down the minutes until I get to be with the people
who really matter?

I’ll never forget….
the time we made awful bloody marys
and tanned in the front yard.
Sun kissed skin and good conversation
made a formidable combination.

I’ll never forget…
the day we named our house Kitty Kingdom and made it a Facebook page
as if somehow that made it more official than just saying it out loud.
or the day we decided to pimp out the attic.
or the day we decided we needed a hookah.
or the day we watched 1,000 episodes of Parks and Rec in one sitting
or the day (shortly after) we named our house mouse John Ralphio.
or the day we watched Sharknado and played Gauntlet.
or the day we made brownies and proceeded to eat the whole pan.
or the day the Jimmy Johns guy called Hilary 15 times after he left.
or the day we napped in my bed and I had to leave for work
and on the drive there I thought about what a family we’ve become.

I’ll never forget…
the insane parties that have been here!!!
Cinco de Mayo fiestas
American Pride parties
Summer campfires
The list of good times I’ve had in this house is endless.

I’ll never forget…
the inside jokes,
the enlightening conversation,
the people who have become part of this house’s story,
the moments I was most inspired.

I have 2106 Marshall to thank for all these times I’ll never forget.
My roommates and friends have made senior year
one of the best years of my life.
So to those of you who know what a difference you’ve made in my life,
and to those who don’t…


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why it matters

write what you know
speak what you feel
listen where you care

make sure you’re aware.

analyze society
figure out what’s wrong
do something about it
before you’re gone
let’s not forget
we’re only here for so long

I am because we are.
parts of the same machine
cells of the same body
pieces of the same puzzle
we are

individual acts, operating as


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